Passover is not over!


It’s been awhile since I posted anything so I want to play catch up!

This year, I attended  three Passovers, one at home, one that allowed me to share, and one that allowed me to see God at work in my home fellowship/church. I hadn’t planned on doing three Passovers, but things just fell into place for me to do this. What did I learn at each Passover?

The first Passover was in someone’s home–I guess the “official Passover” because it was on Nissan 14. That one was relaxing and the host and hostess have been doing Passover’s for several years. It was a wonderfully intimate setting and at the end of the Seder, we went out on their back porch to look at the beautiful view and the full moon. . The feeling I got as we all looked at the beautiful moon that was shining in the sky, was a feeling of flowing in God’s timing. It was like He had this “sign” in the sky that said, “This is. bigger than you, but you are cooperating with My plan. Keep trusting even though you don’t understand it all.”

The next Passover was one in which I was asked to do a teaching. I thought at first that the host and hostess wanted me to do a simple teaching. But, I decided Yeshua’s talmidim (disciples) needed to actually experience the symbolic foods for themselves. There wasn’t a meal so during the actual break in the Seder where the meal would be eaten, sharing occurred. It was pretty awesome, but seemed almost unrelated to the Seder meal. Two couples were talking about horses. The first couple were given some horses and they became immediately attached to them. These horses had not been treated well. One of the horses died, but God actually raised this horse back to life. The other lady that was in this conversation, had a emotional connection with them, because she helped women who were abused. The way she helped some women that seemed unreachable was with horses. Apparently, the women were matched up to horses that they had to train to do certain things. I learned that horses will reflect human emotion. So if you are having trouble with rejection, the horse will feel this. So the trick is to change the way you are communicating to the horse, and you will get the desired results. So the women who were unable to open themselves up to others, could be helped by training these horses. God uses animals to help people that way sometimes.

The third Passover was our annual community Passover at our church.  We had  41 people which was a surprise. Our church has gone through some difficult times, and the pastor has had to make some difficult choices.  Members have left for different reasons, but the Passover wasn’t just our church but there were about 5 different congregations represented that night.  Truly, the body was coming into unity around God’s table. I also was frustrated in years past because the Seder would have awkward moments and it didn’t flow well. This year went much better! Plus, this year we decided to hold our Passover Seder at the Porterhouse Cafe in Oxford, Alabama, and I didn’t have to worry if there was enough food!

So what is the lessons learned? Let’s sum it up. 1) Trust in God’s simple plan by obeying the word outlined in His Torah 2) God can use horses to heal emotions.3) There was plenty of food at God’s table this year.  If I limit the lesson to one word for each Passover, it would be: Trust, horse, food. Hmm…what can this mean?

Update: Update: Could this be what the “horse” was about????

I’m willing to “let God happen” to me the way He wants to happen. Maybe the Lord will give me revelation in the future. Or maybe this is for someone else!

Be blessed in your coming in and your going out!


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