John 17:23 Initiative


I recently was given a little book and coin by a friend who asked me if I would be interested in doing this apprentice thing for 28 days. It’s a Prayer Initiative that was started by John Brown in Georgia. You’re supposed to pray the prayer with Jesus that He prayed in John 17:23…you know, the one He prayed about “that they may be one , as You and I are one.”

It’s pretty cool actually.  It made me realize that Jesus is still praying that prayer (because He is always interceding for us). It also made me realize that He didn’t just speak this into existence. Why didn’t He? Because He is waiting for God to bring this about. That shows that Jesus is depending on the Father. God is still the Father. Cool, huh?

Also, He is waiting for us to be One. Oneness means that we will be like Jesus and God. We don’t really know what that’s like or there would be a new heavens and a new earth by now! But we do know that the world will know that God sent Jesus and that He will manifest His glory.

He also asks us to pray WITH Jesus. What a powerful request. To pray WITH Jesus. We sometimes are just praying with our agendas. But if we pray WITH Jesus, we’ll be praying the High Priestly Prayer. Wow.

Here’s something about the High Priest from the Jewish Virtual Library, in an article called,  “The Temple” .

God’s world is great and holy. The holiest land in the world is the land of Israel. In the land of Israel the holiest city is Jerusalem. In Jerusalem the holiest place was the Temple, and in the Temple the holiest spot was the Holy of Holies…. There are seventy peoples in the world. The holiest among these is the people of Israel. The holiest of the people of Israel is the tribe of Levi. In the tribe of Levi the holiest are the priests. Among the priests, the holiest was the High Priest…. There are 354 days in the [lunar] year. Among these, the holidays are holy. Higher than these is the holiness of the Sabbath. Among Sabbaths, the holiest is the Day of Atonement, the Sabbath of Sabbaths…. There are seventy languages in the world. The holiest is Hebrew. Holier than all else in this language is the holy Torah, and in the Torah the holiest part is the Ten Commandments. In the Ten Commandments the holiest of all words is the name of God…. And once during the year, at a certain hour, these four supreme sanctities of the world were joined with one another. That was on the Day of Atonement, when the High Priest would enter the Holy of Holies and there utter the name of God. And because this hour was beyond measure holy and awesome, it was the time of utmost peril not only for the High Priest but for the whole of Israel. For if in this hour there had, God forbid, entered the mind of the High Priest a false or sinful thought, the entire world would have been destroyed.

Here is a complete description of the duties of the hight priest.  I noticed that the high priest has a huge support staff, especially on Yom Hakippurim…the Day of Covering or Atonement. They even had to keep him awake so he wouldn’t fall asleep before he went in to atone for the sins of Israel.

Funny thing, is that Jesus (our High Priest) said to His disciples, “Can you not watch with me for one hour?”, (but they had fallen asleep!) Matt 26:40

The other thing that John Brown says that brought me back to my childhood was his description in the beginning of his little book about treasure hunting. He describes how he would go down to the river and try to dig for buried treasure. He read books and saw movies in which pirates dug for buried treasure. So he made maps and went down to the river and dug down into the soft mud. He was sure he would hear the clink of his shovel on the metal lid of a treasure chest.

When he was talking about that, I remembered how my brother and I found stuff that looked like “coal” in the cliffs behind our house on the military base where we lived. I remembered trying to crush the coal in my hand, thinking I would find a diamond like Superman did! It didn’t happen, obviously, or I would be rich today!

While I was reading about the buried treasure, I also saw something else. Along with my study and sharing of Hebrew, I also have undertaken another project: to do little presentations about the symbols of our Hebraic faith. I’ve started one on the Menorah.

Did you know that the Menorah comes from the root word “Menor” which means, “a yoke, for plowing, from the root “ner”, to plow, to break up ground, which signifies to Syrians and Arabs, “to be softened.” They compare Hebrew words to other languages of the region. It can also mean “to make a field shine”.

While looking at many pictures of the Menorah, I suddenly saw “in my mind’s eye”, a menorah laying flat on the ground. The menorah looked like the rows of a plowed field, and the oil in the lamps, (for they were tubes of oil going into the bowls with the wicks, in later development)looked like the “shining” of a newly plowed field.

Then I began to think, how the menorah is a the lamp of illumination in the temple and how it symbolized “revelation”. Jesus/Yeshua walked between the seven golden candlesticks in Revelation (duh).

So when we “dig” for this buried treasure, we’ll have softened hearts, (for while we are gazing at Him He is gazing at our hearts), and we’ll receive oil for our lamps, and a harvest for our souls!.

Maranata, Yeshua!


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