Under the Waterfall


It’s not unusual for people to misunderstand folks in the messianic movement, when those folks aren’t acquainted with Greek terms and a Hebraic mindset. I’ve been accused of saying that “Jewish people will go to heaven because they are Jewish” and some say to me,”you feel like you need to obey all these old testament things because you’ve been bewitched into thinking that Jesus is not enough”.  I understand this mindset but I am not about that life. Pure and simple. I am about following Jesus. Repent and believe the gospel. All of it.

Let’s face it. We’ve had a communication breakdown. There are words that are misunderstood today that block all communication efforts. One of those words is “law”.

 There was a song in the seventies by Vineyard Music folks and it was called “Under the waterfall”. I loved that song and used to play it on my guitar during personal worship times. Those were times when God seemed to be “tenderizing” His people to receive more of Him than they had previously known. This was done via intimate worship and what some called, “times of soaking”, so that we learned not to be a hurry in God’s presence and that He was all we needed. and that He had more. He always had more.

Those amazing corporate times when  the Spirit would flow dramatically were unforgettable and changed my life forever. I knew I was a lively stone not a pew warmer. None of that has changed for me. 

What has changed for me is that I realize that certain things are being put in place to guard and direct and honor that waterfall.  yes, honor the waterfall. You know, Yahweh was not happy when Moses did not speak to the rock, but instead struck it.  Man’s wrath does not accomplish the will of God. He told Moses that He did not sanctify His name in front of the congregation of Israel, because he struck the rock. I want to speak to the rock. I want to speak His language with His inflection and with His anointing.

I am again a kind of paradoxical person because I believe in the gifts of the Spirit and I believe in the ten commandments. The word itself tells us that the law is “spiritual” and the law is “holy”.  (Rom. 7:14 and Rom. Rom. 7:12) 

I did a study of the letter Bet, the second letter of the Hebrew alephbet. Grant Luton is the author of a wonderful book about the Hebrew alephbet. I learned from him that Yeshua (Jesus’ Hebrew name) is in the first word of the Torah..bereshit, or “in the beginning”. You can break down the word bereshit into simpler components. The bet-yod-tav in bereshit spells “bayeet” in Hebrew or “house’. The other remaining letters spelled, resh-aleph-shin,or “rosh” which means “head”. Jesus/Yeshua refers to Himself as the head of the house in Matt. 10:25. 

I also learned that the creation of the Torah scroll parallels the creation (bereshit-in the beginning) of the world. A Jewish legend (now, don’t get your hackles up when I say this) says that the letter Bet (the SECOND letter of the Hebrew alephbet) was chosen to create both. In true Jewish midrashic style (storytelling style), the letters are animated and jump off God’s crown and all vie to be the first letter in the Torah. God chose “bet” because, bet said,  “all creation will use me to bless You”..Indeed, the word “bless” in Hebrew starts with Bet (baruch). Yes, Obama’s name. Hmmm. Live up to your name sir.

Now, aleph, standing maybe, over to the side,is thinking, “What do I do?” God says, “Because you were silent (Aleph is a silent letter) and did not compete with the others, I will make you the first letter in my ten commandments (Hadevarim).

So Bet is the first letter in the Torah and Aleph is the first letter in the ten commandments: “Anokhi, Adonai eloheyka, I am the Lord your God…”   John Parsons notes that there are three different versions of the ten commandments, depending on whether you are Jewish, Catholic,or protestant! http://www.hebrew4christians.com/Scripture/Torah/Ten_Cmds/ten_cmds.html

Now I can’t say this any better than Grant luton, but here’s my point: quote:

“This part of oral tradition illustrates a Jewish idea that is biblical. The rabbis teach that the Torah is spiritual in essence, and is merely clothed with parchment and ink.”

What was our Messiah but the word made flesh, God clothed in humankind. The walking Torah. Why would we reject God’s Torah, His instructions? We are rejecting Him. 

You see, the Pharisees “sat” in the seat of Moses (Matt. 23:2). That was an “exalted seat” according to the Greek definition of “the seat of Moses”. I went to a video where in-your-face Rood Awakening, Bible teacher, Michael John Rood, is sitting in a stone seat that is found in some synagogues and called “the seat of Moses”. He was explaining that ancient synagogues had such seats. It was like, ‘the hot seat’!.

What does Moses represent? He was God’s lawgiver, having gone up to Mt. Sinai and brought down the ten commandments written by God’s own finger. He brought them to Israel. Moses set up the first tabernacle. He represents the old testament and was a mediator between God and Israel.

So when the scribes and Pharisees sat “in the seat of Moses” they were saying, “We have authority to interpret the law and Moses”. They were the gatekeepers.

When Jesus went about living a Torah style life before the people, the Torah of Yahweh, He was challenged by the leaders of Israel…and He would respond to their criticism. He would day “by your traditions, you have made null the word of God (Yahweh). 

This is just one of the things that I love about my Jesus. He loved His Father’s torah…instruction. He came not to do His own will, but the One who sent Him. Oh how He loved His Father!

I want to love Jesus like the Father loves Jesus. I want to love the Father like Jesus loves the Father. They are one! He prayed that we may be one as He and His Father are one. 

You know what i think? I think God is going to answer His prayer. Or we’re all in a lot of trouble! ImageLove~Light~Jesus!






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