Messianic Whatchamacallit!


ImageI’ve got a new blog! It’s called “ You may be able to find it by googling it but don’t look at it on your mobile device yet because it looks discombobulated. I will be doing links but right now there are none. I am wanting a messianic fellowship in our area that is cell group based. That means we are working very hard to put those things in place and overcome issues (there can be so many in a home setting that can detract from serving Yahweh. It’s all those darn “other” messianic whatchamacallits...) Why is this part red??

I am encouraged that there are also many other small fellowships that are trying to be “concentrated-orange juice” small groups without compromising their doctrine, and who also, are multiplying by discipling others.

So my blog really is about the subject of the .com name, but it has our small group name as the title page…Upper Room Messianic Fellowship. There are so many groups and congregations that have begun one way and end up another. I’m hoping that the vision (which He tells us to write down and I have) does  not get adjusted unless I did not understand the vision. I believe the Ruach CHodesh inside me will lead me. You always  have to believe that.

I found, however, a wonderful summary on IHOP’s web site (International House of Prayer) about the history of the messianic movement. I’m linking here.

The two top things that propelled this movement to what it is today is found on page 14 of the document (if you want to skip all of it for time’s sake), are history and evangelism. Awesome! Ie., the Six Day War and the Jesus Movement.

However, I found a disgruntled believer (not that that’s bad) here that said that the whole concept (Daniel Juster) was wrong or disallusioning. I’m posting that here.

Summary: The whole idea of messianic Judaism was to win the Jews to Messiah. Now the author of this is Avram Yehoshua. I didn’t realize this until I observed the author’s name…I’ve met him and his wife. They are really pretty solid folks but I am telling you, he is an evangelist! If anyone is around him in a restarant or book store or coffee shop, they will get a gospel message from him. That’s why I find this so hilarious! His point: Don’t just do this to win the Jews. Do the things you do for Him because He said to do them. Check them both out! Some of these articles are dated but still timely.

A real marriage will change you because you are joined to another person.  The wife, she must learn to obey her husband. The  husband, He must clearly convey his desires and expectations to His wife. (But)We know that man gets in the way.

Aye, there’s the rub. What is He telling you today about gatherings and structure and doctrine for the return of Messiah? I think He wants a Hebraic bride. What does that mean? All the Jewish trappings put on a gentile bride? Or does He want her to just listen to Him and stay true to the covenant?

Great articles here both of them. Enjoy!



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