Forced Rest…but am I really resting?

Forced Rest…but am I really resting?

Yeah, i know it was a dumb title but it describes where my life is going right now…My mom has had open heart surgery so all our family efforts were suddenly directed toward helping my mom, prepare for surgery, and helping my mom get through her hospital stay, and then help her recover at home successfully. I’ve got great help with my sisters and daughters, but this means a little adjustment for me.

I’m on the road back to a healthy lifestyle myself, after having worked in retail for 7 and 1/2 years. I had established a healthy eating plan (using my fitness pal ap), after trying Body by Vi (did not work…spent 1200 bucks), advocare…no…spent too much money with them too. I had some basic changes I was going to implement, such as “no food after 7 p.m., that had NOT been my habit while in retail. I also started taking an herb that was organic and did not do any weird things to my body but was an aid to my efforts. After that I added exercise. I’ve lost 23 pounds of fun retail weight gain…cause i had fun eating, but i’m tired of buying larger clothes and not feeling…peppy!

So when my mom had her heart surgery, i thought i was going to fall the wrong foods because I’m a stress eater, and not exercise, because there are times I can’t walk when there is no one here to be with her.

But God has been so wonderful and everything that I thought I would lack has not been lacking. I’ve had to simplify, sure, but I’m exercising by walking up and down the street in from of my house while mom sleeps, and planning heart healthy meals which means I’m eating healthy!

I’m also very active in ministry, and would like to be more active, but right now I’m involved in a church plant of sorts, and also participate in a weekly group that is comprised of several churches coming together to discuss the Hebraic roots and where God seems to be leading His people to prepare for the acharit hayamim (perilous times).

I want to stay active, and I’m also a grandmother and want to spend as much times as possible getting to know these buggers! That is something i am learning a lot about and my mom has also taught me to look differently than I might have otherwise. One of the things she says is to not to become overly involved but “do what you can do”. You know, you can’t solve all problems. My grans are not really “problems” they are blessings, but I can see as they become teenagers that I will have to walk carefully to preserve my sanity and keep a cool head about me!

While I am “resting” I’m feasting on Hebrew and hebrew/Messianic songs. I’ve undertaken a personal project which is to memorize Psalm 19 in Hebrew. I’ve done 2 verses. Plus, there are several Hebrew/Messianic songs that interest me.

Thank You, Lord that I have the pleasure of slowing down, to do some things I’d like to do! Thank you that you are helping my Mom recuperate so well!


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