I meet with some amazing men and women of God in various locations throughout the northeast part of the state (Alabama). We come together as One in Messiah. We are black, white, female, Jewish, Hispanic, old, young, pastors, apostles, prophets and disciples (talmidim) all of us! We have some amazing discussions because we all sit around a table and tremble at His word. We don’t claim to know it all and ,very possibly, know nothing, but we all have this smorgasbord of sharing that I wish I could bottle up and sell somewhere…anywhere…where people love to hear the sound of unity and who love to hear the sound of the Father saying, “Shema (hear) Israel,”.

We listen and we share…and I can’t write fast enough. Here’s some thoughts that came out of the Weds. gathering.

We began with a question about lashon hara, which means in Hebrew , “evil tongue” Someone made the comment that because of lashon Hara, Miriam had to go outside the camp. Then before she could come back in, she had to wash, and the she had to offer a sacrifice that involved the shedding of blood. This is why we all have to come to the cross because out of Jesus (Yeshua’s) side came forth both blood and water…and by this blood we have been brought near.

But I’m gonna confess…I wasn’t so intrigued by the lashon hara discussion.  So many comments were made about various things, and then the discussion seemed to gravitate toward how “what we know” interferes with “who He is”. This is kind of a definition of “gnostism” defined in the dictionary as :

the thought and practice especially of various cults of late pre-Christian and early Christian centuries distinguished by the conviction that matter is evil and that emancipation comes through gnosis

For example, you may know G-d’s proper name but what is the spirit that you are of when you tell an unversed brother His name! Do you make that brother feel … dumb? Or do you tell him that “His name” is wonderful! Did you communicate that to him? Someone said, “Education is a wonderful thing, but everything has it’s place”. Because, as a wise brother said, “I knew unconditional love before I knew the word agape”. Someone else said that this is heard among God’s people “I got here, so you ought to be able to get here too!”. Maybe they cant’ get there. So how are you going to help them believe until they belong? What are the questions people are asking before you are teaching?

One of the seven rules of Hillel teaches the precept of “kahl v’omer” or “light and heavy”.  Don’t overemphasize the heavy, when the light does the job. That’s what Yeshua meant when He said, “All the law and the commandments hang on these two things”. You weren’t supposed to touch a leper, but Jesus/Yeshua did.

Someone mentioned that years ago, Constantine was made out to be a hero. My brain did a double take, because I had forgotten about that. How many of you heard that he “brought everyone together” and stopped the Christians from being persecuted, and he had a vision and heard , “by this rule”? As a skilled politician, Constantine tried to bring everyone together under one umbrella. This only caused huge rifts between Jew and Gentile that exists to this day. Yeshua makes us one by being the second Adam,  through His work on the cross, where He draws all men to Him.

I guess I can’t bottle this…but I can carry it in this vessel. Shalom!


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