Yeshua our Intercessor…for real!


Shalom and welcome to an occasionally profound person who is only profound when Yeshua steps in to save the day!  Years ago, I was observing a very upsetting temper tantrum in my younger sister and felt somewhat responsible. I had just had a rather profound teshuvah and was stepping ever so go-lightly with my response to things. When G-d calls you on the carpet and the carpet is wet with your tears, you suddenly have this stark revelation that you’ve been on the wrong path with all the wrong motives. It made me…shall I say…overly sensitve with my little sister.

But what happened to me with her in the hallway of our quarters in Germany was very amazing and quite awe inspiring. I was watching her have this meltdown and not really knowing what to do…when the Lord just stepped inside me. He didn’t ask permission. He just stepped inside me and looked out through my eyes. I was quite shocked by this but felt this extreme peace.

My little sister about 4. Or 5 at the time, suddenly looked at my eyes and her crying abrubtly stopped … in mid wail…and she had a strange expression on her face. I know as I was standing there, I felt the compassion of the Lord inside me and she SAW it.

Just a little introduction to what G-d can do with each one of us in the role of intercessor.

God is so awesome and He has done this many times over in various ways. Which leads me to what I will be posting here and that is the subject of the priesthood.



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